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Women's Health Exercise Physiology

Initial Consultation + 14 Days Individualised Classes $200

Perfect for Postpartum Recovery, Pregnancy 15+ Weeks, Rehabilitation after Pelvic Surgery and other Women's Health Conditions. Attend small group classes with individualised programming and education.

Mums + Bubs Class Package 5 for $50*

Our Mums + Bubs classes are baby friendly and suitable for women with babies roughly aged 10 weeks to 10 months (not yet crawling). Our Mums & Bubs classes are held in our Clinical Pilates Studio with a maximum of 6 people.

"To me true wellness is the ability to come back after you fall off track, to be balanced in your thinking and understand that health is not about a 200m sprint but about lifelong skills and lessons learnt."
~ Elle de Wet, Studio Owner

Women's Health Exercise Physiology

any.BODY Studio located in Brisbane offers a diverse range of classes to cater for women in all stages of life. Private Health Rebates Available.

Clinical Pilates Classes

Based in Milton, any.BODY Studio – Exercise Physiology for Women offers individualised Clinical Pilates classes by leading Exercise Physiologists. Clinical Pilates Classes have a maximum of 4 People per class. Each person is taken through an individual program tailored to their needs and goals.

Mums + Bubs Classes

Come and join one of our baby friendly classes, with all our classes run by our team of exercise physiologists and eligible for health care rebates. Prior to your first class we ask you to attend a prescreen appointment with one of our Exercise Physiologists. This allows us to document any relevant medical history, see how your body is moving and work with you on the equipment so you feel confident and comfortable in class
Conditions We Treat
Postpartum Recovery
Prolapse Rehabilitation
Post Pelvic Surgery Rehabilitation
Pregnancy + Pre Natal Aches and Pains
Postnatal + Return to High Intensity Exercise
Endometriosis , Adenomyosis + PCOS

Our Women's Health Services

Pregnancy + Post Natal Massage

any.BODY Studio's signature pregnancy massages will nurture and care for your ever changing body to assist you along your pregnancy journey right up to your due date. 

Carrying, feeding and tending to your newborn can cause pain and tension in your shoulders and neck. This type of massage is specific to helping new mums recover from birth and can help with c-section scar mobilisation, improve post birth pain and sleep quality (especially when you are not getting much!)

Exercise Physiology | Group Reformer | Clinical Pilates + Mums and Bubs Classes

any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology is a Brisbane Pilates Studio and integrative health and fitness hub delivering Exercise Physiology, Reformer Pilates and Clinical Pilates by professional and highly trained practitioners. Our team of trainers implement an evidence based approach and strive to develop deep and meaningful relationships with you to assist with helping you through your fitness and wellbeing journey.

Womens Health Dietetics

Have you considered what a Women's Health Dietitian can do for you?

Whether you are going through menopause, need assistance with a diet plan while breastfeeding, been diganosed with gestational diabetes or need a great understanding how diet impacts your endometriosis - Kerri can assist you with an individualised diet plan.

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