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Exercise Physiology Group Reformer

Stay Fit & healthy with Low Impact Group Reformer Classes

If you are over the age of 50, strength training is the most important form of exercise you can do to stay fit, strong and healthy and will assist you to ensure you can continue to do the things that makes you happy!

Book In for an Assessment

To attend an Low Impact Reformer (Over 60's Group Reformer) class you will need to book in for an Initial Consultation & Assessment. During the initial consultation, your Accredited Exercise Physiologist will assess your movement and core control to identify your physical requirements and discuss your personal goals. 

Book an initial assessment

What to expect during your initial assessment

Our Exercise Physiologists treat one patient at a time, so you can be sure that their attention will be focused on you for the duration of your appointment.

Your initial session will be 45 minutes long. This will allow your Exercise Physiologist to take a detailed history of your condition or fitness objectives and goals, assess your movement, undertake any necessary testing, and make a plan of action to move forward. You will also have time to ask questions.

"For the first time in two years, I just worked a 12 hour shift without even a hint of lower back pain. Thank you, Elle! It’s only been a month of classes but your magic is working!"
~ Hannah Smith