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any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology offers dedicated classes and individualised solutions for women’s health concerns including pre and post-natal care, POP, PCOS, Pelvic floor dysfucntion, Endometriosis and pelvic girdle or lower back pain. Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists are specialists in Women’s Health and are available for assessments, private consultations and group classes. 

Womens Health Pilates

What we offer

Do you have have womens health concerns? At any.BODY Studio we offer specialised Women's health classes run by our Accredited Exercise Physiologists. Our clinicians help guide you through what can be very exciting times, (e.g. pregnancy) or times of uncertainty The first step to understanding what’s safe, what’s relevant and what the best choice for you.

If you are ready to get started we are offering initial assessments for only $59 with the chance to trial a free class!

The setting of the studio is lovely. The initial consultation was very informative. Claudia took me through some great exercises that made me feel like I can improve my pelvic floor for the first time ever! Looking forward to attending classes.
~ Yvonne 03 August 2020

Pre & Post Natal Pilates

The right exercises can be a safe and effective tool in supporting your body through pregnancy. If you wish to start Reformer Pilates as part of your pregnancy journey please book in an Initial Assessment with one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists. 


Pelvic floor dysfunction

If you experience this condition it is important that you understand the physiological changes that have occurred in your body to lead to such outcomes and then learn how your pelvic floor should function correctly. As Exercise Physiologists, it is our job to educate you with this knowledge so that we can work together to re-train your pelvic floor and associated abdominal muscles.

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Gestational diabetes & gestational hypertension

Exercise has been proven to improve pregnancy outcomes for women with gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension. It is recommended that throughout your pregnancy you are doing both aerobic exercise and resistance exercise. We can help monitor your symptoms in a safe exercise setting. We offer fun BoxFIT classes that are suitable for you during your pregnancy. 

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