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Experience the any.BODY Studio difference

Take your fitness to a whole new level with a range of any.BODY Group Reformer classes. Classes are designed for all fitness levels. Our trainers are highly skilled at providing modifications for those with injuries or health concerns. These classes are is structured with fun and innovative Pilates choreography that will get your body moving, legs shaking and abdominals burning!

Beginner - Group Reformer

Beginner Reformer is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Pilates on the Reformer bed. These classes run at a slower pace so you can focus! Engage in exercises that require less coordination so you can learn to activate key muscle groups, correct breathing and most of all explore how to move your mind and body as one to get a great full body workout! Ideal for beginners who don’t have injuries, those who have had a break from Pilates and just getting back into it or anyone who just wants to focus on the basics! You do not need to be a beginner to benefit from this class.

Intermediate - Group Reformer

This is an intermediate level class that keeps a great flow therefore requires more coordination, control and endurance. Work seamlessly from intense strength exercises to dynamic movements that stretch your body, flowing into long holds and pulses. You’ll feel lengthened and toned from head to toe using classical and modern pilates exercises. Ideal for those that is consistently practising Pilates for greater than 3 months and wanting a full body workout with the balance of fluid stretch sequences throughout the class, and the increased intensity of long holds and added props to challenge you!

Stretch & Flow Reformer

A beautiful stretch class utilising the Pilates Reformer. This class is suitable for beginners and those with injuries. If you need to work on your flexibility and mobility however have limitation in your body this class is perfect for you! You do not have to be flexible to attend this class.

Utilising props such as (Bands, Spikey Balls, The Reformer and boxes) you will be assisted into stretches targeting the whole body.


Be ready to feel the heat in this full body workout! Be ready to challenge your endurance, strength and stability. Remember you can only find power in your Pilates practice if you also know how to find the calm, so make sure you have worked your way up to this class.

The jump board is an amazing add on to the Reformer that allows you to get the sensation of jumping whilst lying down or kneeling. 

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