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Dietitian Services | Women's Health Dietetics

An evidence-based advice to help women at all stages of life reach their goals, to optimise their health and wellbeing

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The Allied Health Approach 6 Week Challenge Starts October 9th 2021

Join Accredited Exercise Physiologists and an Accredited Practicing Dietitian for a 6 Week Journey to improve your health. Create your own 6 Week Challenge with fitness, rehabilitation and dietetic options.

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After seeing so many women compromise their health for the needs of others, I am passionate about empowering them with the knowledge and support to be their best self, starting from the inside to out."
Kerri Carmichael - Accredited Practician Dietitian

6 Week Challenge | The Allied Health Approach

We are partnering with Accredited Practicing Dietitian Kerri Carmichael to bring you the any.BODY 6 Week Challenge | An Allied Health Approach. You will have an amazing team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists and a Dietitian on your team to assist you to build healthy habits that will last. A fully tailored experience, we can assist you to get moving with our Fitness or Clinical Pilates Challenge with a fully tailored nutritional approach.

How we can help

Eating to Reduce Inflammation Workshop by Kerri Carmichael

Kerri, answers your burning nutrition questions and presents the latest research on an anti-inflammatory diet. This will cover a therapeutic way of eating that reduces inflammation in the body to benefit your mental health, gut issues and women's health conditions like Endometriosis and PCOS. In this, she will provide you with actionable tips to kick start your healthy eating habits to improve your mental and physical wellbeing

Nutritional Counselling

Kerri provides provides expert dietary advice and medical nutrition therapy for a wide range of health conditions and nutrition-related issues. Kerri can assist women through all stages of life including menopause, pregnancy, post natal and women diagnosed with women's health issues.

Individualised Meal Plans

Some people respond best when a clear eating plan is made available while they work towards modifying their eating patterns and behaviours. To assist in the beginning changes of behaviour change, a Dietitian prepared 7-day meal plan, complete with a grocery list and recipes can help you eat balanced, nutritional and easy to follow meals.

Kerri Carmichael | Accredited Practicing Dietitian

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6 Week Challenge | Choose Your Journey

Performance Pilates Challenge
Performance Pilates Challenge
Initial Assessment | Unlimited Group Reformer Classes.
69 .00
Clinical Pilates Challenge
Clinical Pilates Challenge
Initial Assessment with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist | 18 Clinical Pilates Classes (1:4) | 30 Minute Review
129 .00
Workshop + Meal Plans
Workshop + Meal Plans
Kerri will create 3 Week Individualised Meal Plan for you. She will take into account Likes/Dislikes and your personal needs (weight management, menopause, Intolerances etc)
20 .00
Support + Nutritional Counselling
Support + Nutritional Counselling
2 x 15 Minute Weekly Catchups to discuss barriers and concerns | Online Support | Nutritional Counselling and Accountability Checkin | In Body Scan
50 .00

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