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6 Week Healthy Ageing Program

6 Week Healthy Ageing Program

The any.BODY Studio 6 Week Healthy Ageing Program is designed for those that need to work with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to manage a specific condition. This program is perfect if you are over the age of 60 and want to improve your general fitness, strength, balance and flexibility.

What makes our studio different? We have a unique space with highly qualified teachers to ensure that you are safe while exercising. We understand the human body and will understand your aches and pains. We also provide support in the way of 1:1 reviews and assessments to assist you through your journey. 

Meet Our Accredited Exercise Physiologits

What is Included

$89 per week + $59 Registration Fee

Initial Assessment + 2 x 30minute private consults with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist

18 Over 60's Group Classes (Choose from Group Reformer, Pilates Circuit & Strength and Conditioning)

Unlimited support from any.BODY Trainers and the any.BODY Community


Choose from a variety of classes run by Accredited Exercise Physiologists

We have a vibrant community of members that enjoy our Over 60's Pilates Classes. Join us for our 6 Week Challenge and you will be able to choose from Group Reformer Classes, Pilates Circuit Classes and Strength Classes all run by Accredited Exercise Physiologists.

We will assess and reassess your progress and always ensure you are safe and enjoying your classes!


Having had a hip replacement and over 50 I realised I needed to find a way other than physio to become more flexible and strengthen my body. I joined any.body as a trial and have never looked back
The program is in a small class so it is individually tailored each exercise physio provides personal support at every session. It has been so good I have increased the number of classes a week. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Neville P

The Pilates classes at Any.Body Pilates have been amazing in helping me overcome injury and regain strength.- they are also great fun, challenging and have lots of variety so are never boring. The trainers are lovely and have a caring approach and great classes.

Julie E

I am new to Pilates, after a couple of trial classes with my physio I just couldn't get the mind body connection. I knew I wanted to continue and when a work colleague mentioned they had seen her studio I got in touch with Elle and booked an initial consultation. Elles' empathy for my situation and ability to put into words what I couldn't was amazingly intuitive. For someone over 50 and been carrying various injuries for a long time I am looking forward to working with Elle to achieve my goals - one private session in and I'm already on my way to be able to do a group class soon.

Roz A.

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