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Clinical Pilates 6 Week Challenge

Starts 9th October 2021

An Allied Health Approach Exercise + Nutrition Challenge

Join Accredited Exercise Physiologists and an Accredited Practicing Dietitian for a 6 Week Journey to improve your health. Create your own 6 Week exercise + nutrition journey with a range of clinical services with health fund rebates.

"To me true wellness is the ability to come back after you fall off track, to be balanced in your thinking and understand that health is not about a 200m sprint but about lifelong skills and lessons learnt."
~ Elle de Wet, Studio Owner

Join our 6 Week Clinical Exercise Program

What to Expect

The any.BODY Studio 6 Week Clinical Exercise Challenge is designed for those rehabilitating an injury or that need to work with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to manage a specific condition. This challenge is perfect if you are currently pregnant, post natal have a pre existing injury or a women's health concern. 

What makes our studio different? We are an integrated health and fitness hub. We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to take part in a health and fitness challenge regardless of their needs. We will be there with you every step of the way!

Meet Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists

What is included:

$99 per week + $59 Registration

$589 Upfront Payment

Initial Assessment 45minutes

18 Clinical Pilates Classes (1:4)

Tailored Dietitian services available


An Allied Health Approach

Conditions We Treat
Postpartum Recovery
Pelvic Surgery Rehabilitation
Endometriosis + PCOS
Hypermobility Conditions
Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Individualised Program Design

Choose from Clinical Pilates classes where your sessions will be completely tailored to your needs and goals. This is unlike a group class so your program will be designed specifically for your body. 

Choose from Womens Health Strength & Conditioning and Pilates Circuit Classes which is small group based run by Accredited Exercise Physiologists and tailored to your needs. We will conduct a comprehensive Initial Assessment, set up reviews as required to ensure that you are progressing towards your goals. 


This space was the best decision I have made to support my rehab of my shoulders. The last ten years I have had 4 shoulder surgeries including rotator cuff. I love yoga however my intro to Pilates with Elle on a one on one removed my fear of exercises using my shoulders and gaining strength again. The first session and onwards from there have been amazing and Im absolutely in awe of Elle and Claudia at Any.BODY Pilates for supporting me through to gain more strength on one on one classes and now group classes.

Nikki T

For the first time in two years, I just worked a 12 hour shift without even a hint of lower back pain.

Thankyou, Elle! It’s only been a month of classes but your magic is working!

Hannah W

What a beautiful space Elle has created. I am new to Pilates, after a couple of trial classes with my physio I just couldn't get the mind body connection. I knew I wanted to continue and when a work colleague mentioned they had seen her studio I got in touch with Elle and booked an initial consultation. Elles' empathy for my situation and ability to put into words what I couldn't was amazingly intuitive. For someone over 50 and been carrying various injuries for a long time I am looking forward to working with Elle to achieve my goals - one private session in and I'm already on my way to be able to do a group class soon.

Roz A

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