Workcover and Insurance Claims Injury Rehabilitation

At any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology Elle can assist you in specializing a program and providing supervision for physical rehabilitation programs that can assist you in overcoming work-related injuries. 

The aim is to get you back to your full functioning self as soon as possible and able to return to work and normal activities. Elle works closely with work cover case managers and GP's to ensure you receive the best possible care. As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist Elle specializes in rehabilitation and provides the greatest of care and outcomes for each individual. 

Information for Injured Party 

In the management of injury, Elle will work closely with the patient and other health professionals to strengthen the injured body part for a fast and successful recovery. Following a physical examination that includes the measurement and testing of your existing capabilities, Elle will develop an individually designed rehabilitation plan to reduce pain and increase physical strength. By working with an Exercise Physiologist and following a program customised to your particular injury, body and lifestyle you increase your chances of a speedy recovery without risking further injury or pain.

Injury Rehabilitation and Reformer Pilates

Experts say that Pilates is effective in injury rehabilitation as it can provide patients with a challenging workout with no impact or excessive weight bearing. The combination of flexibility and low-impact system features of Pilates makes it an excellent rehabilitation method to restore balance in the muscles. Pilates is also a full-body exercise. Not only it can focus on the injured part but also on compensation and habitual patterns as well.