any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology  is located a 5 minute walk from Milton train station and less than 10 minutes drive from Brisbane City, Paddington, Auchenflower, Rosalie and Toowong with Parking available for all clients. 

Group Reformer Classes | AS PER TIMETABLE • 

Various types of Group Reformer Classes targeting different muscles groups and ranging from 30 - 60 minutes. 

Enjoy beginner to advanced Group Reformer Pilates classes (maximum 6 clients). My classes are innovative incorporating traditional Pilates movement patterns and contraction cues with yoga and barre twists.  

Group Reformer Classes remain personable with a credible accredited university qualified exercise physiologist which may qualifying our sessions for national health fund rebates*. 

Health fund rebates are only available if treatment is associated with a chronic condition or injury 

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Maximum 6 People Per Class

Premium Reformer Equipment - Allegro 2 Reformers

Extra Props

Variety of classes 

  • Stretch

  • Flow

  • Advanced

  • Beginner

  • Strength

  • Technique

Why Choose Reformer Pilates | Reformer Pilates Milton 

The Pilates Reformer acts as a support system for your body while you work at strengthening the correct muscles. It helps assist you to perform exercises correctly and also adds resistance via springs so you can alter the difficulty of the exercise. Extra springs are added to help increase strength in bigger muscles (toning) and lighter springs utilised to help contraction through smaller muscles that provides stability through your musculoskletal system. This is why the reformer is perfect for clinical Pilates or a more rehabilitation focused workout where you might have aches and pains you are concerned about or injuries that may cause you grief. 

Reformer Pilates however caters for all individuals. Due to the resistance created by the pulley and spring system the reformer can also provide extreme challenges to those looking to build muscle tone and step their fitness regime up to the next level leading to more visible results sooner. There is also a greater repertoire of exercises available with Reformer Pilates compared to mat, providing more variety, engagement and fun!

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