Pre Natal Pilates & Post Natal Pilates Brisbane

Why Should you do Pilates?

Pre-natal Pilates and Post-natal Pilates is one of the best ways to pre-hab and re-hab the effects of pregnancy. Teaching optimal pelvic floor function ensures a full recovery during the post-natal period. Regular pregnancy pilates also strengthens your core muscles, preventing back pain and helping you carry the extra weight during pregnancy and ease pregnancy-related injuries such as back ache and pelvic pain. Providing all is going well, you can do Pre-natal Pilates right through till the big day. This regular exercise enables you to control excess weight gain during pregnancy and achieve a faster recovery following the birth of your child. Pre-natal Pilates prepares you not only for the big event of giving birth but the extremely physical job of having a newborn baby to lift, bath, feed, push and carry.


Expecting mums have special needs during pregnancy and exercises targeting these areas are vital to prevent complications and support your health and the health of your growing new arrival.  Prenatal Pilates at any.BODY Pilates is supervised by an Exercise Physiologist, University trained expert in safe effective exercise for expecting mums to be so you can feel confident knowing your program is safe, specific to your needs and backed up by the best information available.


any.BODY PIlates & Exercise Physiology offers new mum’s the chance to return to regular exercise safely while targeting the muscles most affected during pregnancy and child birth. With sleepless nights, breastfeeding, bathing and focusing so much time on your little one, the thought of getting back into exercise after having a new baby can be very daunting!

Many women feel a lot of pressure to get back into shape quickly, but in the early stages after giving birth, whether you have had a caesarean-section or vaginal birth, the most important thing to remember is to be kind to your body and allow it time to recover. After 6 weeks you are usually ready to get moving again. Post-Natal Pilates is an excellent next step to strengthen and tone the deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, and start to regain your fitness and pre-pregnancy body!

Medicare Rebates and Health Fund Rebates available with a Medicare Referral.