Reformer Pilates Brisbane

any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology is a Reformer Pilates studio located in Milton, 10 minutes by car from inner Brisbane City. Tucked away in leafy courtyard close to Paddington, Rosalie, Auchenflower and Toowong. Providing a variety of group reformer Pilates classes for those seeking to improve their fitness and rehabilitate injuries.

“Elle de Wet is a very professional and caring Exercise Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor who makes everyone feel welcome. The Pilates classes at Any.Body Pilates have been amazing in helping me overcome injury and regain strength.- they are also great fun, challenging and have lots of variety so are never boring. Thanks Elle for your lovely caring approach and great classes.”
- Julie, South Bank

“For the first time in two years, I just worked a 12 hour shift without even a hint of lower back pain. “ Abbie, Toowong

“I've been regularly attending classes at this studio for a few months now and I think it is excellent. I can tell my core strength has increased and I'm standing straighter than when I first started. My waist is smaller too, which is impressive since I love eating and hate cardio.” Sarah, Milton

“The reasons I prefer this studio to others:
First, all the instructors are really good. It's obvious that they have advanced training as they are able to quickly spot when we are doing the moves incorrectly and provide excellent advice on adjustments. Second, the classes are small so the instructors notice when you are doing exercises incorrectly and correct you.Third, the environment is great. It's welcoming and peaceful, and all the equipment is new and top-of-the-line so its a lux experience. The music playlist is also exceptionally good. And, finally, it's very convenient to use- it's in a good location and there's a very easy app to use to book classes.”
- Alex, St Lucia

“I really enjoy Ell’s classes. Terrific atmosphere great guidance and class times are set around my working hours.”
- Joy, Paddington

“Thankyou, Elle! It’s only been a month of classes but your magic is working!”
- Hannah, Milton

“Having had a hip replacement and over 50 I realised I needed to find a way other than physio to become more flexible and strengthen my body. I joined any.body as a trial and have never looked back. The program is in a small class so it is individually tailored and Elle provides personal support at every session. IT has been so good I have increased the number of classes a week. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”
- Neville, Paddington

“This studio is a reformer pilates studio, which I prefer to mat pilates because the machine assists you in targeting specific muscles, so you can't rely on stronger/developed muscles - you have to use the muscles targeted in the move. It's often a pain in the bum, but in a good way ;)” - Joelle, West End

“I am so glad to have found Any.body studio in Milton.
Elle really tailors each class to the individuals needs and every class is different. The timetable works so well for fitting in around the work week too.“
April, Paddington

“I thought Pilates was just for fit people but Elle has showed me its for everyone!! After just a few weeks of regular classes I am amazed and how much stronger I feel and free from pain that has followed me for years.”
- Charlotte, Rosalie