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The Space

Welcome to the Design Centre Courtyard

We believe that part of what makes any.BODY Studio so special is the unique, beautiful and relaxing environmen we create for our classes and sessions. any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology is situated inside the Design Centre Courtyard, near Park Road in Milton. We have created a calm space where you can move, breath and get in tune with your body. 

We are a boutique, integrated health hub. 

We offer Group Reformer Classes, for all fitness levels. Studio Pilates (Semi Private) classes which is an economical way to work with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist on an injury or health concern. We also love to see clients in a private setting. Why? Because sometimes someone might need 1:1 care to ensure they understand movement and work effectively. 

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Meet your Exercise Experts

Our Team

We want to welcome you to the any.BODY Family. We are an integrative health and fitness hub delivering Exercise Physiology, Reformer Pilates and Semi Private Studio Pilates by professional and highly trained practitioners. 

 Our team of trainers implement an evidence based approach and strive to develop deep and meaningful relationships with you to assist with helping you through your fitness and wellbeing journey. 

We are trained to support individuals in a private, semi private or class setting. 

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Meet The Team

Our Philosophy

exercise is medicine

As movement optimists we believe that exercise when prescribed correctly is medicine.  

We believe Pilates is for every body.

We’re an inclusive, chilled out and conscious community where everyone will feel comfortable no matter what their age, level of fitness or experience. We empower our community to move easy and fearlessly through experienced instruction, positivity and having a good time. Teaching through evidence based movement practices that focus on motor skill development, encouraging self-efficacy, empowerment and pleasure..

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Our Community

We’re a community that are always learning from one another and lifting each other up. We care about your mindset and mental wellbeing as much as your physical wellbeing.

Continuing to cultivate and evolve our style and approach to movement, we don’t subscribe to one Pilates methodology over another. We choose to focus on the human experience to bring you Reformer Pilates classes that are challenging, uplifting, educational and playful.

We welcome brand newbies right through to the most experienced Pilates person.

“To me true wellness is the ability to come back after you fall off track, to be balanced in your thinking and understand that health is not about a 200m sprint but about lifelong skills and lessons learnt.”
~ Elle de Wet