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Oncology Massage

What is Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage is a gentle, nurturing and effective massage that safely addresses the needs of a cancer patient or anyone with a history of cancer (or other degenerative illness). Oncology Massage therapists understand the science and pay close attention to the physical, emotional and psychological needs of a client during diagnosis, treatment, recovery, survivorship or palliative care. People who have cancer or a history of cancer should see a qualified Oncology Massage Therapist, as these therapists have the proper training to assist with the unique requirements that cancer presents. 

Benefits of Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is beneficial for cancer patients, elderly clients, or clients with a health issue that leaves them weak or with reduced energy levels. The massage techniques used are gentle and slow and induce deep relaxation in the body which also helps to calm the mind. Oncology massage is a specialised massage technique adapted to the client's unique state of health. It is a safe and complimentary therapy for clients undergoing allopathic treatments for their health issues. 

Oncology massage therapists are highly trained and equipped for different types of cancer and other health conditions and will make adjustments for a person’s current state of health. We design a suitable treatment plan for the individual with cancer and make site, position and pressure adjustments. Most importantly we ensure that we cause no harm. Oncology massage therapists are trained to treat the person holistically ensuring that the massage is personalised for the clients unique experience in the present moment.

Research has shown Oncology Massage improves the quality of life for people with a history or diagnosis of cancer. It reduces the side effects experienced from conventional treatment of cancer and the symptoms of the disease process itself (Cassileth and Vickers, 2004)

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Why Choose Leisha

Leisha has been a remedial massage therapist for two decades.She is trained in many modalities including Myofascial Release, Structural Balancing, Lymphatic Drainage & Oncology Massage.

You can expect an holistic approach with your massage, soothing the body & calming the mind. It is so important that massage also gives relief from stress. This in turn lowers excessive levels of cortisol to reduce inflammation & support the immune system.

As she says, ‘Nothing happens in isolation in the body.’

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