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Menopause is a natural stage in a woman’s life but can be fraught with anxiety about not being in control of your changing body.  Here at any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physuiology, our caring experts are dedicated to helping you embrace this special and sometimes challenging part of your life journey so that you live it in the best of health and comfort.

Exercise Through menopause

Regular physical activity is important during every stage of life. During menopause, exercise can help maintain healthy weight and body composition, manage hot flushes and night sweats, and strengthen bones. It can also boost your mood and lower the risk of depression, improve sleep quality, and reduce stress and anxiety.

at any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology we work with women to help manage the symptoms of menopause, through intiutive mindful movement. 

We can help you

We can provide exercise prescription if you have early onset menopause, perimenopausal, going through menopause or post menopause. 

As specialists in anatomy, biomechanics, human physiology, and the management of chronic disease, any.BODY Studio's university-qualified Accredited Exercise Physiologists will individually tailor an exercise program to suit you personally. They will use a combination of exercise prescription, education and behaviour change strategies to help you live an active and healthy life.

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Meet your Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Studio Owner, Elle de Wet is a body confidence advocate. Elle graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology from QUT in 2017 and since then has developed her clinical skills specialising in Women's Health and Muskoskeletal Rehabilitation.

Special Interests and Professional Development
Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Exercise for hypermobility conditions (2019) Managing Tendinopathy (2018) Neck & Shoulder Active Rehab (2019) Pelvic Floor, Core & More (2020)
Women's Health
Pre & Post Natal Advanced Certification (2019) Exercise and Endometriosis (2020) Exercise and Menopause (2020) Exercise for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (2019)
Body Image & Body Satisfaction
The Non-Diet Approach to Coaching (2021) Body Satisfaction: Dropping the Body Image Struggle (2020) Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (2019) Health At Every Size (2020)
Iron Deficiency: Limiting Exercise Capacity in Women (2020) Nutrition and endometriosis (2020)

Why Choose any.BODY Studio?

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists have years of experience working with women with different women's health needs. At an.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology we have undertaken external study to deliver safe and appropriate exercise interventions, evidence-based education and support. We have extensive knowledge on how the female body works and understand that no two women are the same.

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