BoxFIT Classes

A fun, dynamic workout that will get your heart racing!

BoxFIT is a great addition to your Pilates workouts as it is designed to stimulate your breathing and heart rate ensuring that you are looking after your cardiovascular health.

Each class is different but can involve partner boxing (no experience necessary), circuit style workouts, body weight exercises and exercises utilising small equipment like weights, balls, bands etc.

No experience necessary as your trainer will run through everything step by step! These are non intimidating cardio classes with breaks encouraged for beginners. These classes are run by an Exercise Physiology 4th Year Student.

Do You Wish to Attend a BoxFIT Class?

You can book in online and trial 21 days of unlimited Mat Pilates & BoxFIT Classes for $21* That is unbelievable value. These sessions are not recommended for a person that has injuries or concerns in their body.