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Why you should say goodbye to the scales

Mistakes everyone makes when they try to get fit — and how to avoid them

If you want to live to a ripe old age, forget worrying about your weight and just get moving.

I don’t know about you, but I am unsure when the number on our scales became connected with fat mass? You might know from our own experiences that scales can do a lot more to our overall emotional and mental health than the initial intention. Everything that your body is made up of; organs, fluid, gut bacteria (this can weigh anywhere around 2kg!), bone, muscle, fat etc is all weighted). So why do we associate the number with fat alone? In one day it is very natural to fluctuate weight as all of these variables can change without us even knowing. When we focus on our health, eating right and exercise we are focusing on muscle mass gain and fat mass loss and to gain an understanding of what is really going on in our body and the changes that are made, scales are not an effective measure.

Why understand our body composition? | Body Confidence


When we can understand our body composition we have an opportunity to see it through an evidence based scientific lens and can put aside, just for the moment, our emotional connection with our weight. It is normal to have an idea of how we would like to feel and look, however these days there is far too much focus on how our body should look. This can provide a unhelpful motivation to do activities that we wouldn’t normally do (restrict food intake or exercise for the purpose for making our thighs thinner), or have this body ideal surrounding our thoughts daily, just in order to achieve that ‘acceptable’ body shape. If we focus on how our body should look, rather than creating a healthy body that makes us feel good then we are taking a negative approach to healthy eating and exercise.

When discussing health, we tend to spend a lot of time focusing on weight loss — but experts say that being fit is actually way more important than what size clothes you wear.In fact, you're actually probably healthier if you look fat but are fit, than if you're skinny but can't walk a block without collapsing. The FRESH START program invites you to take the plunge to understand your body composition through a scientific lens. Understand how your bone density can improve your overall health as you age, increase your muscle mass with correct diet choices and sustainable long term movement habits that are enjoyable!

Research has shown that people are more likely to sustain their exercise habits over time if they are motivated by the enjoyment of the activity or the feeling of mastering a skill than if they are motivated by factors like weight loss or changes to physique. Take your focus away from how you look, focus on getting better, stronger and fitter and the chances of you continuing your journey is increased.

Knowing that you're doing something positive for your bone density, cardiovascular health and cognitive abilities every single time you exercise ... can add to the good feelings that make exercise easier to sustain.