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Why Foam Rolling & Trigger Release should be part of your routine | Reformer Pilates Brisbane


Since opening any.BODY Studio I have been blown away at the lack of mobility from my clients - no matter what age! Mobility is the ability to move our joints in its full range of motion. With reduced mobility comes compensation matters and increased risk of chronic and acute injuries. Reformer Pilates is a great way to start to work on the mobility through your joints, but it is also really important to compliment your routine with foam rolling & trigger release and here is why.... it all comes down to our MYOFASCIA.

What is MYOFASCIA | Reformer Pilates Brisbane 


Myofascia spreads throughout our body. It is the thin layer of connective tissue that covers all of our internal parts: muscles, joints, bones, organs blood vessels. It binds some structures together while allowing others to slide over each other. It can be envisioned as a continuous layer throughout our body interconnecting everything. It is composed of 40% collagen and a lubricating ground substance, primarily water and to see fascia for yourself, next time you have a chicken or piece of meat, begin to gently peel it apart and you will see the fascia between the layers of tissue.

It is known that fascia is responsible for pain that occurs in  areas of the body subsequent to an initial injury in one area that is apparently unconnected: also called referred pain. When we reduce a joints range of motion (ROM) as we do when we repeatedly do the same movements or when we get an injury this myofascia can become hardened, stuck and dehydrated and the net effect is that the fascia becomes hard and gel-like and the collagen fibres shorten and stick together. This hardened fascia is what hurts so bloody much when you attempt to foam roll the outside of your leg as it puts pressure on the surrounding capillaries, tissues and nerves causing pain, exhaustion and immune system issues.

Releasing myofascia is essential for holistic wellness, proper posture, decreasing pain and progressing in strength. Using Trigger balls and Foam rolling we we do in any.BODY's stretch & release classes is a fantastic way to release fascia. During the myofascial release process, the cells become rehydrated and natural anti-inflammatory agents are produced, next unwinding of the myofascia takes place. Finally, the fascia “rebounds” and is experienced as gentle waves moving within the body and dissolving all the tensions and holding patterns. Fascia also exists in three layers from superficial to deep, and while an initial release session has a significant effect, other sessions are required to reach the deeper levels of fascia. T

Release myofascia has a huge impact on our physical life however also impacts on our emotional states.  Myofascial release is an important technique in de-armouring the body, releasing tensions within the body, enabling energy and pleasure to flow and resetting the nervous system. I know it hurts, but I encourage all of my clients to bring myofascial release into their reformer routine and exercise practice. 

any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology has an upstairs floorwork area with trigger release balls, foam rollers and mats where you can take 15minutes before your class to practice myofascial release and in turn get so much more out of your group reformer session.

Stretch, Foam & Trigger classes are also on the time table.