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What To Expect | Mind & Body | Reformer Pilates Brisbane


Feeling a little bit awkward?

If you haven’t done a Pilates reformer class before, then you probably felt a little uncoordinated and out of your depth.  That’s perfectly natural, everyone feels like that to begin with.

The biggest changes you will experience will happen with consistency. Don't just try it once or twice, persevering and working through these challenges will provide you with benefits that will assist you for the rest of your life. 

By your forth, fifth and sixth class your muscle memory will start to kick in and you will feel more controlled and at ease. 

Feeling a little bit sore or maybe not feeling sore at all?

That’s perfectly normal too. This is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (or DOMS for short) and it’s a sign that the body is already starting to tone up! Not feeling that sore? This can be normal too, as you start learn to use muscles that might not been used before it might take some time for them to activate. Muscle soreness is a good thing, but as the any.BODY Pilates Reformers puts your body in a non-weight baring position we stimulate the middle of the muscle (muscle belly) therefore it removes added stress and pressure on your joints therefore your body should feel better not unbearable sore. 

Stretching is important before and after class to reduce muscle soreness, but the other big thing is to continue to move – so book in for your next class straight away and don’t let a little muscle stiffness stop you from achieving your goals. 

Your safety comes first and this is why our classes are designed by an experienced Exercise Physiologist.  You should never feel any pain in your neck, back or any of your joints at any time. If you are having any physical concerns, please speak to Elle, she has tricks and props to assist you during class. 

Feeling Fabulous.

You might be feeling a few other things after your any.BODY Studio workout. Invigorated. Strong. Relieved? Energised. Motivated? Empowered and Challenged? That is all normal too. Reformer Pilates gives hope to a lot of people with body issues, aches and pains and challenges those that want to continue to challenge themselves. 

Feeling the rhythm.

Consistency is key. Regular classes is more important that lots of classes. You will get stronger. You will get more flexible and you will get better and better with each session. Your mind and your body will thank you for it. Feel that rhythm and book your next session now. If you are still a little bit tender, just let Elle know and she will provide appropriate modifications to make you feel comfortable.