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Motivation Monday - 5 Things To Get You Back On Track

Happy Monday amazing people – I wanted to start this Monday 26th March as the first of my weekly motivation Monday email blogs. I will endeavor to write weekly blog posts and email them through with some information that you guys will hopefully find helpful to help you keep on track and stay motivated to not only move your bodies but also look after your yourself in a holistic way.Hopefully through these blogs you guys will also get to know me a bit better, and understand why I have opened up any.BODY Studio and my vision for the future.

This first blog I have simply titled – 5 things to get you back on track. As any.BODY’s and as human beings the one thing we all have in common are our emotions. We all experience happiness, sadness, excitement, heartbreak, anxiety, confusion, love, loneliness and joy – and the list goes on. Not only do we experience these emotions but we experience them all over the place and there is about 7 billion of us going through the same stuff!

I am someone who craves routine – I wake up every morning at the same time 4:30am I try and squeeze in some exercise which comes in the form of cycling to the studio or going for a quick 30 minute run. I try and make a protein smoothie, and drink at least 1 cup of water before I leave the house because I want to feel good before I try and make my clients YOU GUYS feel good.


The rest of the day gets hectic, but if I can tick those 3 things off my list then I know I have put some time towards self care. I love routine, but I am human and most of the time I don’t stick to one. I have days where I feel completely lost and have no idea what I am doing, I am anxious, fidgety and can’t think straight. And then there are days where I am SUPERWOMEN. I am productive, focused, organised, driven, creative, busting with ideas, full of energy and then, here I go again and go off track – This kind of sounds a little bit like a roller coaster that life is so often referred too.

Over time I have learnt how to observe the ups and downs with a little less judgement and know that there are always some basic things I can do to pick myself up. The best realisation is that if you value your health, you will always have another up – It is just up to you how much time passes before you pick yourself up again.  Having experienced obesity and massive spells of fatigue and low energy into my mid twenties I feel like this has allowed me reflect on the simple things that have helped me refocus on my health and get back to what is important to me.

I am sure these will all differ from person to person but I wanted to share with you what works for me with the hope that you can find 5 things to write down that might work for you next time you are lacking motivation and feel like you have fallen off track

1.       Movement – As I am always in the studio teaching classes I am always working on my strength and flexibility. I need to really prioritise moving in other ways otherwise it just does not happen -  Movement is about giving your body what it needs and as I am always feeding my body with pilates and yoga my body craves high intensity cardio – to get puffy and sweaty. Hopefully as you are attending more and more classes I will educate each and everyone of you to know why it is important to care for your body and service it with strength training (Your group reformer classes) flexibility training (reformer stretch and mat stretch) and give your body WHAT IT NEEDS. If you are an office worker your body needs to build strength and flexibility but  unless you are in a habit of continually giving it what it needs it won’t scream at you when you don’t give it what it want. The simply rule of supply and demand


2.       Treat YO Self – My treat yo self comes in the form of a bi-weekly sensory deprivation float. I have been floating now for about 3 months and the impacts it has had on my mental health, clarity and motivation levels overwhelms me. I know ‘burnout’ is real and for me personally if I want to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves then I need to ensure that I stay on track, stay creative and make sure that I prioritise rewinding and relaxation before it impacts me.  Your treat yo self might come in the form of your Reformer Class, a remedial massage or a night to yourself with no technology or kids. Anything that can help you assist in reflecting and re-engergising.


3.       Good Food
I find it easier to eat better after I have moved my body so food and exercise comes hand in hand. Is it not true that when you finish your pilates session that you are more motivated to have a healthy dinner or buy a nutritious smoothie? Attempting to eat healthy foods with no happy endorphins running around my body is such a struggle for me and I find that when my exercise routine is thrown off track it and can quickly lead to a downward spiral of only wanting unhealthy food. Waking up and doing some form of exercise in the morning to start my day assists in me making health food choices throughout the day.

4.       Sleep Getting enough sleep is extremely important to me. My days are long, I am at the studio at 6:00am most mornings and home by 8:00pm most nights. When any.BODY was just a dream and in the early stages of opening the studio I would stay up late sitting on my laptop pushing myself to stay awake and do more work. I did not realise with this came more anxiety and more unhealthy habits. Night times are sometimes the hardest for me but after reflecting I have found that all I need to do is switch off my screens and get some good zzz’s. I always wake up feeling better and more in control.

5.       Nature – Having grown up on a farm in South Africa I have always been some sort of wild child. I am an adventure seeker, I love the outdoors and there is nothing that inspires me more to be healthy and happy than to get into the great outdoors and do the things that I love. Unfortunately all too often I forget to prioritise this. Over the last 2 months I have prioritised getting into nature as I know it is one of the things that helps me stay on track. I am lucky enough to be able to visit my parents in Buderim where they live in a beautiful house surrounded by rainforest. This weekend I drove out to Moogerah Dam where the quietness stumped me. It was so quiet, I nearly felt awkward speaking out loud.

For some reason it is so easy to avoid the things that makes us feel good, when it is common for us to self sabotage our own happiness and do the things that make us feel not so good. Practice cracking yourself out of those times by knowing what are the 5 things that will help you get back on track.

Thanks for reading this and I hope something in this blog has resignated with you and will help you stay on track to be the best version of yourself! See you in the studio