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It All Starts With Your Gut | Happy Healthy Gut Workshop June 29th 10am

It All Starts With Your Gut

Why Eating Foods to protect your gut lining is critical for overall health and wellbeing.

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I personally feel that a lot of the time we categorise food into “good” or “bad” in regards to “will it make us put on weight”. We have this down pack, we know what foods are unhealthy and we know what we should be eating more of but this does not mean that we are getting any healthier! Why is this so? The latest research on the gut is just fascinating and it is very important to start to educate yourself on why the gut is important, why looking after your gut is important (even if you are happy and healthy reading this) because as we start to consume more and more food as the years go on, we can either protect our gut lining or assist in creating holes in it. There is lots of Science behind this that Nicole will go into during your Healthy Gut Workshop but what you need to know is that when it comes to good health we must begin to heal our foundations before we move onto anything else. If you suffer from low mood, low energy, anxiety, joint pain, acne, hormonal imbalances, been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases (Fibromyalgia,rheumatoid arthritis, chrones disease) healing your gut must be your first priority. If you are overweight and you are struggling to lose weight, healing your gut must be your first priority! Why? Because our gut is home to our immune system, our second brain and the most important function to assist with the digestion and absorption of nutrients plus so much more.

If you are struggling to find the WHY behind eating right then come and attend the any.BODY Happy Healthy Gut Workshop. If simply being healthier is not enough of a motivation for you to make the right food choices, come and educate yourself and give yourself more reasons to make healthy food a priority in your life.

What You Can Expect

Spend your Saturday morning learning more about digestive health. Join Nicole Bence a Clinical Nutritionist in an interactive workshop where you will learn about the structure and function of the digestive system, the importance of good digestion and a healthy microbiome, things that may be impacting the health of your gut and practical tips for a happy healthy gut. Learn to slowly add certain foods into your diet that will can assist in mood, cognitive function and physical performance.

When & Cost

29th June at 10am - $35