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If you’re over the age of 50, strength training is one of the most important forms of exercise you can do to stay fit, strong and healthy.

Reformer Pilate Brisbane | Over 50's Restorative Reformer Pilates | Strength Training

If you are over the age of 50, strength training is the most important form of exercise you can do to stay fit, strong and healthy and continue to do the things that makes you happy!


I have a large variety of clients that step through the doors at any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology. Some are active – walking, cycling, golfing etc however are finding that they still lack strength through their bodies. As you start to age, strength training will not only make you stronger, but it will keep you healthier! Strength training increases your bone density, assists with managing aches and pains and improves independent living! In other words, you need to do strength training so that you can continue do to the things you love (walking, riding, golfing) long into the future! 

A study by Harvard showed that men who strength training for 20 minutes daily experienced less of an increased in age-related belly fat compared to those who spent the same amount of time doing aerobic training (cycling, walking).  For women partaking in strength training your bones and muscles will get stronger counteractive the effects of hormonal changes which can rapidly impact the deterioration of bone density.

Reformer Pilates Brisbane


Reformer Pilates is a form of strength training that targets your weak muscles – for example core strength that assists with spinal stability, or maybe the small muscles around your knees which is required for healthy knees as the years go on. Reformer Pilates is also low impact, meaning we can adapt the exercises as required. Essentially we all need strong muscles so that the forces that go through our body, goes through muscles and not through our joints and vertebrae through our spine! To assist with healthy ageing strength training should be up the top of your list!

Where to start:

If you have an ongoing major health concern seek a GP Clearance before commencing. Referrals to an Exercise Physiologist is also useful to enable to claim on Medicare for certain consultation items. Seeking the advice of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist like Elle from any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology enables that you will receive a tailored exercise program suited to your needs.

With tailored classes for Over 50’s and Private Consultations available, any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology is a great place to start your new strength training routine and ensure you get on top of your musculoskeletal health!

Call Elle today on 0413 021 3689 to discuss your options and concerns.