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Get into the OOV | Exercise Physiology Brisbane

Get into the OOV

by Elle de Wet


The first time someone see’s the OOV the reaction is always the same. What is that? This strange little tool can work wonders to help you activate and find muscles that you never knew existed.

What is the OOV?

The Oov is a tool, made out of durable foam, that allows you to find new strategies to control your movement by challenging your balance and stability. The curves of the Oov are designed to lengthen the spine and to destabilize the body; it puts the body in a position where it is never at rest. The unique shape creates space in the body and organizes the body to facilitate more movement.


The Oov is a self-regulating feedback device for you to have an experience of your own body. It turns something that can be subjective, like someone telling you what's going on in your body, to an objective experience for yourself. Something that you start to learn about your own body, you start to feel things happening in your own body rather than someone telling you what's going on.

—Daniel Vladeta

What did I feel my first time on the Oov?

I had no idea what to expect, but when I first used the Oov, I immediately felt at ease. Even though I could feel my body adjusting to find my balance, especially while doing basic movements, I felt that I was breathing deeper, and I was focused more inwardly. Specifically, the Oov helped me in two fundamental ways:

1. Finding my balance and key muscles

I could immediately tell when my pelvis was out of alignment (which is a common occurrence) and, I could tell when my ribs were flaring forward (also a common issue) because I would lose my balance. I had to figure out how to correct myself without anyone telling me what to do.


Studio Pilates Classes with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist

At any.BODY Studio we use the Oov in our Studio Pilates Classes. These classes are 1:3 Classes and run by Accredited Exercise Physiologists and are designed to help you refine movements or rehabiliate an injury!
Interested to find out more? Why not book into a FREE Initial Assessment. These classes are claimable on private health with programs developed for your personal needs.

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Have you heard the news? Mark June 13  in your calendar! We are reopening our beautiful studio with a BANG! Class registrations are NOW OPEN and there is only 1 Spot left on our opening day, so download the  any.BODY Studio app and secure your spot. 
There has been some exciting changes within the studio space with some brand new additions! 
New to any.BODY Studio? We are an integrated health and fitness hub delivering Exercise Physiology, Reformer Pilates, Studio Pilates and functional training by professional highly trained trainers. Our team of trainers implement an evidence based approach and strive to create meaningful, lasting relationships with you to help you along your health and fitness journey. What is our job during your personalised exercise sessions? To find your weaknessed and work out exactly what your body needs! We use expert cues, techniques and props to teach you how to activate muscles that you never knew you had! Pilates is about working into your weaknesses, to improve your overall strength and functionality. Alright everybody, your little holiday is over! Its nearly time to step out of your little bubble.

We are ready to reopen! 
For us, being prepared for the post COVID era is how we have always done things. Small class sizes, controlled bookings, no shared equipment, high hygeine standards, and breaks in between sessions. 
We've got this.  You've got this. Its time to for our community to really SHINE. Looking to start a new exercise routine? Havent yet found somewhere that feels right? The any.BODY Studio space is a place where you can relax and learn to look after your body under expert guidance in a beautiful setting. 
We are currently taking bookings for Initial Assessments in preperation for semi private and group classes starting June 13th. Take the leap, come in and see one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists for guidance to assit with creating a new, exciting and life changing exercise routine!  0413 021 369 Attn: All Current Members 

If you are on a suspended membership and wish to start booking your classes you can do so now. If you have any issues shoot us through a message so we can fix the problem for you. All class packs will be extended however this is a big process and will be done on a case by case basis. If you go to book and your pack has expired please get in contact and we will extend it for you. 
Happy booking folks! Been missing reformer pilates ‍♀️? The day is finally here! We are relaunching our beautiful pilates studio in Milton, and offering FREE classes on Saturday June 13th from 7am!

Class Registrations are now OPEN! And spots are limited, so download the any.BODY Studio  app and get booking! It will be an amazing, fun day where we can reconnect with people and movement.l . If you want to read more about our COVID-19 Management plan, please head to our website to see the procedures put in place for all our members safety. any.BODY Studio is re-launching on June 13th 2020 and to celebrate we are running FREE classes from 7:00am. 
Maximum 8 per class in a 100sqm room, with the reformers are 1.5 Meters apart. As part of our COVID plan we have strict hygiene procedures in place. Each reformer will have its own hygiene kit (Hand sanitizer, sanitizer spray, antibacterial cleaning products) to be use after each session. Props will be limited in the classes. There are small alterations to the online schedule

Click the link in our Bio to read more abour our COVID safe plan which has been implemented. Behind the scenes to prep for Studio Relaunch June 13th 2020 🤗 Order new socks for all the grippy sock addicts 🤗 Create epic playlists titled "BANGERS" 🤗 Structure monthly challenges 🤗 Order new props to add fun to your workouts! We already have some fun rotational discs for our group reformer classes
🤗 Schedule monthly socials 
Lets get active folk!