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Exercise Safely Through Fertility Care | Exercise Through IVF Treatment

Every women's journey through fertility care is a unique one. We want to assist you through your journey to find a safe haven where you can continue to enjoy movement. Movement is essential through every stage of life, especially when going through fertility care; however it our jobs to know what movement is best suited to your body type and stage. 

We work with women to modify and adapt and make you feel confident and safe through our movement programs. We understand that it is easy to give up on movement during this unique stage in your life. Our structured Women's Health Classes are run by Accredited Exercise Physiologists. You will be  guided through exercises to assist in controlling pelvic movements, finding breath and moving without bracing or placing pressure on your lumbar spine, abdominal wall or pelvic floor.

At any.BODY Pilate & Exercise Physiology we provide an inclusive, judgement free safe space for you to move.

Exercise and IVF: The 3 basics you should know

Exercise and healthy nutrition are important factors that contribute to a person’s overall health and well-being. 

While mild to moderate exercise is acceptable during IVF treatment, you need to be careful about what types of exercises you perform. As Accredited Exercise Physiologists we can guide you as per what to do and ensure we can control the intensity and provide assistance. 

1. Work within your own comfort zone


Exercise should never be dreadful. At any.BODY Studio we practice intuitive movement. Tuning in with our bodies while doing mindful movement, focusing on breath and working within comfort zones.

2. Avoid high impact cardiovascular exercise


You may have previously had a high impact exercise routine and the thought of stopping exercise is a lot to take on board. Often we exercise to help with our mental health and it is such an integral part in how we learn to look after ourselves. 
We support women to use this stage in their life to tune into their bodies with movement. Instead of having a higher intensity workout, scaling it back and focusing on technique, activation and really learning more about how your body works mechanically.

3. Focus on low-impact exercises that promotes self care and stress relief 

When it comes to IVF and exercise, you want to avoid large bodily movements that take blood away from the ovaries and uterus. 

Instead, the best exercises are meditative to help you through this stressful time, attuned to the breath, and low impact. 

We understand that a lot of classical Pilates exercise involve a lot of bracing and abdominal control work, however also know that their is a variety of movements you can do to assist with mobilizing without bracing and loading through your pelvic area. 

Learn more about IVF and exercise


There is a lot to consider when choosing to exercise during IVF, therefore we always recommend to come in to see one of our Women's Health Accredited Exercise Physiologists for an Initial Assessment. We are transparent in our care and will only recommend a program that is suitable to the individual.