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Cycling + Pilates | Power up your cycling with Reformer Pilates

Enhance your ride | Reformer Pilates Brisbane 

There is a romantic side to cycling: being social, getting fit and healthy, early morning sunsets and spending time with friends drinking coffee. And there is the dark side: the repetitive movement under load with existing muscular imbalances, which can lead to poor postural habits and injuries.

As a cyclist you tend to ride in lumbar flexion due to the seating position causing a ‘tucked under’ tailbone and decreasing and even eliminating the natural lumbar curve in your spine. You require this natural ‘neutral’ curve through your spine to put your spine in its strongest and safest position. This ‘tucked’ under position makes it nearly impossible for your largest spinal stabilising muscle (aka core muscle) your transverse abdominis to work. Hunched over posture with a tucked under tailbone (pelvis) in the cycling position means that power or torque you are producing is not originating from your core – which essentially means that the muscles that are meant to protect your intervertebral discs in your lower back are not correctly activated! This position can cause acute and chronic lower back pain and/or injuries if not addressed with appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises.


Reformer Pilates Brisbane | How can Pilates help you ride stronger and pain free?

Pilates helps to develop strength in the deep intrinsic muscles of your core and makes you more ‘body aware’ and conscious of how to move your body efficiently rather than just relying on the superficial extremities of the body. Reformer Pilates enables you to isolate and target deep core muscles and gluteals (the powerhouse muscles where strength and power originate from).  A stronger core can be achieved which translates directly into more power, better performance, less pain and fatigue and better posture on and off the bike. That said, Pilates is not only for the back, it targets all areas of your body including neck and shoulder issues and glute issues – but your exercises can target specific areas when you need it to.

Reformer Pilates complements your fitness and can help you improve your cycling performance and reduce your back pain which will put you ahead of the pack. Owner of any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology Elle de Wet, is an accredited Exercise Physiologist and can help you formulate a plan to ensure you are strengthening and lengthening through the correct musculature to decrease the chances of injuries or musculoskeletal pain. Elle believes that Reformer Pilates has an advantage over alternative exercises due to the nature it is taught. It is all about education and ensuring that her clients gain awareness of the alignment of their spine through controlled movement patterns that are originated from the core. This in turns results in higher quality of movement patterns in day to day life and therefore greater functionality.

If you wish to have a free orientation with Elle where she will assess your posture, cores strength and glute strength and showcase the premium Allegro 2 Reformers then please contact her directly.

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