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Can Men Do Reformer Pilates?

It is no real secret that Pilates much like Yoga is perceived as a form of exercise and movement for women. With most Pilates Studios females form around 90 to 95% the membership base. At any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology more and more men are coming through the doors intrigued to find out what all the fuss is about. Whether they have an injury, want to improve sport performance, dislike generic gym environments or are trying to please their missus men in all shapes and sizes are enjoying reformer sessions and finding the benefits even though they might feel like the minority.

Why Should Men Do Reformer Pilates?

There are plenty of reasons why males should be doing Pilates.  Simply type the words “male Pilates” into your favourite search engine and you will find a number of articles (and blogs similar to this one) outlining how Pilates can help fellas in areas such as improved flexibility, posture, core strength, balance and coordination.  Not to mention stress reduction and improved focus.  It’s also been discussed that a solid undertaking of the science that is Pilates can also improve your performance in the bedroom.

Oh, and for the sports nuts among us, Pilates has become a crucial part of the overall training programs of elite athletes plying their trades within the NRL, AFL, Rugby Union, NBA, Crickets well as many Olympic athletes.  

Why don’t men do Pilates?

So the real question is why don’t men do pilates, it would be wise to start with the realities. Before you look to the anatomy text books, I must note the following is the humble opinion and observations of myself and a few of any.BODY’s male members –  let’s call them Josh, Gary, Warwick and Paul*.   All of the aforementioned joined us on instruction from their doctor, physio or wife.  I asked them what was the hardest thing they experienced when they started Pilates and why they wouldn’t have come along unless pushed.  Here we go:

  • The Classes are Full of Women

Lets face it. Walking into an exercise class full of women can be daunting. They are all looking, and worst of all seem to be able to hold the poses with much more grace than we can. This is a tough one for the old male ego.

The truth is, yes most classes will comprise of females however more and more men are attending any.BODY Studio. With maximum 6 people per class, you will be surrounded by a maximum of 5 women with a likely hood of even less with another brother joining you and classes sometimes not booking out.

  • We look like an ice skating elephant with all of the coordination of a newborn giraffe

This is sadly the truth. Why? Most men lack flexibility and moving freely, stabilising yourself and balancing can be quite challenging if you are stiff. The truth is ALOT of women also lack flexibility so if you are on the reformer and you feel uncoordinated and clumsy everyone else around you either has felt the same but worked hard and gotten better, or still feeling clumsy and uncoordinated. The best thing is, YOU WILL IMPROVE. I am 100% confident that you will feel more confident, more coordinated and more flexible in less than 5 sessions!

At any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology I use the best Reformers you can get. These reformers are large, they are wide, and they can adjust in lots of different ways. So it is my goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

There you have it. Men Should DO Pilates.

any.BODY male clients are not stereotypical athletes. Some are office workers, some are weekend cyclists, some are rehabbing an injury and just freaking love snowboarding. If you want to build a body that will last longer, improve your core strength, improve your flexibility and just FEEL BETTER contact Elle today for a free orientation.

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