8 Reasons Why You Should Return To Regular Pilates Classes


Pilates is more than just an exercise system. Has your body been telling you to get back into regular Pilates? Maybe it is time to remind yourself why you love movement and why you love Pilates.

I have been doing Pilates now for over 6 years and I am still not bored. It is possible that one exercise system can keep inspiring and challenging you to be the very best version of yourself, help create the body you were always meant to have, give you peace of mind, enliven your spirit and make you feel more confident.

When you consider the source, it makes sense that Pilates would do all of this and more. Joseph H. Pilates was one determined little boy, rather frail, challenged by asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever; he was determined to overcome his ailments. Through his study of the ancient mind-body arts, he integrated key principles from yoga and isometric resistance work. He came to know through his own experience that specific breathing techniques performed in tandem with targeted movements would dramatically improve his overall health.

8 Reasons Why You Should Return To Regular Pilates Classes

  1. It Helps You Find Your Powerhouse

    The “powerhouse” in Pilates is the term that refers to the main focus of the method, the “corset muscles” of the body, the primary abdominal, pelvic and back muscles, and it is a fitting term. You learn to engage the mind to move the body as an integrated whole in tandem with the breath, economizing your movement, using only those muscles that are required to perform a movement with the utmost grace, control and precision. Freshly oxygenated blood is pumped throughout the entire body, activating the lymphatic system, which aids in the removal of toxins, endorphin and serotonin production is triggered in abundance, and the result is an almost euphoric sense of total wellbeing.

  2. You Feel The Difference Fast

    Pilates is not just an exercise regime; it’s a journey, and one that teaches you to be in the moment and embrace the process of your own evolution. But, make no mistake, it yields immediate results. You will feel either your energy increase, your posture improve, your mood enhance and everyday tasks become easier after only a few sessions.

    Pilates is so effective, and so powerful, that when taught properly, it makes your entire body stronger and more flexible in no time at all. It helps your body to know what good posture feels like right away and quickly improves your breathing, which also improves your mood and general outlook on life.

  3. It keeps you in the Game! and will make your body last!

    Pilates is an incredibly effective cross-training tool. It makes any sport you love even better. Pilates exercises not only strengthen the weaker muscles and give the dominant muscles a break by demanding that you work symmetrically, they also make you more aware of your body, enhancing coordination, balance, power and precision. Pilates improves alignment and breathing and increases efficiency of movement, which translates into less effort, greater power and grace in your game, whatever that may be.

    As we age, the synovial fluid that protects our joints diminishes, and Pilates helps to keep the surrounding musculature strong, taking the burden off of your joints. It helps people who suffer from arthritis find relief, because the precise movements literally lubricate the joint capsule itself, and relieve inflammation.

  4. Variety Is the Spice of Life

    You will never get bored. The very nature of the work in your reformer class asks that you refine and redefine the movements you already know, engaging your mind entirely, demanding high-level multi-tasking of your brain as it quests to perfect and further integrate movements and breath. As you gain strength and ability, you can observe your own evolution by gauging your capability in performing the same exercises with greater skill. 

    5. Less Is More

    “Economy of movement” is one of Pilates’ foundational principles, meaning that you learn how to focus your efforts with laser-beam precision and engage only those muscles that are required to successfully perform the exercise. The rest of the body breathes and joins “the party,” but does not get overtaxed. This assists in making everyday movements easier, in turn increasing your energy.

    Because every movement in Pilates emanates from the core, it keeps you “honest” by gently forcing you to use both sides of the body symmetrically in order to execute an exercise successfully. Every exercise focuses on the abdominal center, the muscles of the torso, as well as specific breathing patterns for each exercise, teaching you how to direct energy to those targeted areas while relaxing the rest of the body.

    6. Back Pain? Not Here

    We all sit for too many hours at a stretch in front of our computers, completely unaware of our poor posture. We drive instead of walking. We take the escalator instead of the stairs. We suffer from chronic shoulder tension and back pain. Pilates is a powerful antidote. Because the focus is on the stabilizing core muscles of the torso, which support the spine, the active collaboration of these major muscle groups creates a solid cylinder around the central spine. This helps to prevent “shearing” or eroding forces from being applied to the vertebrae, ligaments and discs that evolve as a result of repetitive trauma and habitual patterns of movement.

    7. Stress Buster

    Because Pilates triggers the magical chain of chemical responses in the body, chief among them the release of endorphins, it reduces stress and improves the quality of your sleep. Modern life with its myriad distractions and demands pulls us farther and farther away from our center of balance and our ability to find calm in the face of society’s minute-to-minute call. The very nature of Pilates asks that you quiet the mind by giving it single-focus tasks that engage it fully, and in so doing, creates a much-needed respite from the stresses we endure in the outside world.

    8. The Facebook of Fitness

    Community: Pilates studios are great meeting places. Whether you are interested in private instruction or group classes, you’ll meet kindred spirits who are there because they are making the investment in themselves, just like you are. The law of attraction is in motion -- literally! Prepare to become a part of a community that’s interested in reaching deeper levels of expression and ease in their lives.

If you are ready to return to any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology get in contact today! With over 40 classes on the schedule for a variety of levels Elle can work with you to find a suitable class and help you make movement and Pilates a priority in your life.

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