"I struggled to walk, I had no confidence in my legs. Now my daughter comments about the new mum she has who enjoys moving and doing things I have never done before"


What Movement Means To Me – A Letter by Julie T.

Why I tried Reformer Pilates with an Exercise Physiologist at any.BODY Studio

I have basically been lazy for years. My daughter and son-in-law have tried to encourage me time and time again to participate in some form of exercise but its just never enticed me. When my daughter met Elle at the Milton markets one weekend after their discussion they insisted that I call her! I made the call to Elle, mostly to appease the kids, but oh am I happy I did so.

What keeps me motivated?

After I met Elle I felt she knew what I needed as she has a great eye for seeing the problems of each of her clients.  I stay motivated to attend twice a week as the classes are stimulating and fun, yes we work hard but its not exhausting. Some days I don’t feel like going, but I know if I do I always feel better. For me personally I feel Elle has built up the exercises to meet my abilities and with her encouragement my skill set has improved so much in the time I have been going.  But the biggest motivation is Elle.  She is an absolute treasure and she has helped me turn my life around.

What Improvements have I experienced by attending Reformer Pilates?

A year ago, I had trouble walking. I had a hip replacement 2 years before starting and still had not developed confidence to actually put weight through that leg. I had no idea where my core was and why it was important. To be honest everything was just too hard.  Now my daughter comments about the new mum she has who enjoys moving and doing things I haven’t done in years.

For me I love the fact that life in general is so much easier and more enjoyable, by knowing how to use my body correctly.


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