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Exercise Physiologist Brisbane | Pilates Studio Brisbane 

Exercise is Medicine - any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology's evidence based approach to Pilates Instruction and Rehabilitation 

The phrase ‘exercise is medicine‘ is becoming increasingly recognised as a fundamental form of treatment for various lifestyle related diseases and aches and pains – Due to increasing research the government has incorporated Exercise Physiology under Medicare’s allied health scheme along with most Health Fund recognizing it providing their clients with rebates. This has given medical practitioners the capacity to refer patients with chronic and complex illness such as chronic lower back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic shoulder and or neck pain to Exercise Physiologists for guided exercise therapy which is sustainable for the long term. 

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is the process of making clinical decisions based upon research, combined with clinical experience and patient expectations any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology closely adheres to evidence based practice. Although not your traditional exercise physiology clinic, a wide variety of exercises and equipment is used to prescribe appropriate exercises for each individual. As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist Elle is qualified to work with clients with chronic and complex pain and/or illness. At any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology all clients are approach as individuals that require a personalised approach to exercise. When required a thorough initial consultation will be conducted (45mis) which consists of thorough medical history, assessments and testing to ensure informed up-to-date exercise programming principles are adopted.

Exercises using the Pilates Reformer, other small pilates equiptment, traditional pilates workout, hand weights, rubber bands and balls are used to provide a comprehensive program for clients. 

Drug Therapy Verse Regular Exercise

Exercise, unlike drug therapy, can significantly improve multiple chronic conditions simultaneously. The physiological benefits of regular strength and aerobic training are much greater than taking prescription medication as these drugs are manufactured to generally only target one specific health condition. J Vina et al, 2012 (1) states that, ‘Exercise is so beneficial for health that it should be considered and prescribed as a drug’. According the J Vina et al 2012 (1), there is clear evidence that regular physical activity  produces significant health effects and reduces the risk of premature death from any cause and cardiovascular disease.

Pedersen and Saltin, 2006 (2) and Warburton et al, 2006a (3) highlight that there is evidence for prescribing exercise in primary and secondary prevention of pulmonary and cardiovascular disease (CHD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, intermittent claudication); metabolic disorders (type 2 diabetes, dyslipidaemia, obesity, insulin resistance); muscle, bone and joint diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis); cancer and depression.

If you have a Referral to see an Exercise Physiologist and would like to book an appointment please find available times online here - any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology Milton is currently offering all new clients a full Initial Consultation + 2 Private sessions for $119. Claim Here

If you wish to further discuss the services any.BODY Pilates & Exercise Physiology offers please don't hesitate to contact Elle directly on 0413 021 360 or hello@anybody-studio.com.au

Alternatively fill in the contact form and Elle will get in contact as soon as possible. 


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