WIN | A Fresh Start | The Ultimate New Years Program

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The Ultimate 12 Week Program | Your Life Changes Now

Starts January 20th 2019

Early Bird Offers end January 8th 2019

Health is the number one area in which people attempt change in the new year. any.BODY Studio is bringing you the chance to WIN a fresh start in 2019 with a structured program that focuses on learning to love the skin you’re in, education on how to lead a balanced healthy lifestyle, a tailored, fun exercise plan that is sustainable not just for 12 weeks but for life.

Join Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Owner of any.BODY Pilates Studio Elle de Wet and Accredited Sports Dietitian Tara Davenport on a 12 Week Journey to not only lose weight and get more toned but create new, sustainable food and movement habits that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. With credible guidance from allied health practitioners applying evidence based research to assist with new healthy habits to create long term change.

If getting healthy, eating better and getting fitter was easy everyone would be doing it. Gaining the skills required to navigate life and prioritise health and movement can inherently change your life. Is it time to change your life? Do you want a fresh start?

Win | A Fresh Start Valued at $899

The Ultimate New Years Resolution Program

  • 35 Group Reformer Classes with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist

  • Nutrition Workbook + Guidance for meal plans

  • Pre-Challenge Nutrition Workshop and Meal Plan Guidance

  • 1:1 Initial Consultation with an Accredited Sports Dietitian

  • 1:1 Review with Accredited Sports Dietitian to track progress + Provide assistance

  • Skinfolds or DEXA Measurements

  • Phone/Skype Support

  • Online Group Support

  • Pre Challenge Brunch

  • Float & Sauna for recovery and relaxation

  • Competition Prizes for Program Winners

Components of the Challenge is claimable on Private Health depending on your cover

Habits of People that Lose Weight and Keep Fit 

Research shows that most people who diet will regain 50% of the lost weight in the first year of losing it. Most of the rest will regain it in the following 3 years. Most people inherently know that keeping a healthy weight and keeping fit boils down to three things: eating healthy, eating less, and being active. But actually doing that can be tough.

Here is the punchline. We make more than 200 food decisions a day, and most of these appear to be automatic or habitual, which means we unconsciously eat without reflection, deliberation or any sense of awareness of what or how much food we select and consume. Same goes for movement, if you are living a sedentary life much of your lifestyle is habitual, and research shows that habitual behaviours override our best intentions.  

Getting healthy, losing weight and keeping fit is all about reinforcing healthy habits. 

Imagine each time a person goes home in the evening, they eat a snack and sit on the couch scrolling through facebook. Whey they first eat the snack and partake in the activity a mental link is formed between the context (getting home) and their response to the context (eating a snack & "relaxing"). Every time they subsequently snack and "relax" in response to getting home, this link strengthens, to the point that getting home prompts them to eat a snack and scroll through facebook. This is how a habit forms. 

The point is. You can form new habits you just need something that prompts change. A new routine, and enough discipline to form a bond between a context (the alarm going off) and your response to the context (getting up to exercise). It can be done. You are not alone in feeling helpless in forming new habits, it is just up to you to reach out and start something new! If a balanced healthy lifestyle was easy everyone would be doing it. People like Elle and Tara would not have had the need to go to university for years to learn ways to apply research to assist with behaviour change.