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Reformer Pilates Studio in Milton Brisbane for all fitness levels.

High Energy 45 + 60 minute Reformer Pilates Classes run by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Treat yourself to a wide variety of classes including whole body sculpting, small group classes, stretch & foam rolling, dynamic reformer and slower low impact reformer. 

Situated in a Tuscan Courtyard in Milton Brisbane, close to Paddington, Toowong, Rosalie and Bardon any.BODY Reformer Pilates Classes are intimate and formulated to suit all fitness levels. 

Get educated about your body, manage current injuries and prevent future injuries. 

Reformer Pilates is everything you want in a workout - and nothing you would expect. You have to try it to know how it feels and truly experience the benefits. 


For the First time in two years, I just worked a 12 hour shift without even a hint of lower back pain. Thank you Elle! Its only been a month of classes but your magic is working!”
— Hannah Smith

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